Day 0

A new month has dawn upon us.

I have about 5 months to my Big Day.

There can not be a better time to kick start a weight loss program.

I have decided to go on the Special K 2 Challenge starting from tomorrow ( 06/08/2010)

Will be blogging about so that I would be able to use this as a life journal.

Also hope to get support from peers and loved ones.

After years of decadence and living a wayward lifestyle without any exercise it is really hard getting my ass off and doing something.

Mind may be strong but the flesh is really weak.

So here I am standing at 110KG , heart full of hope that change is coming my way…..


Yolk Welcomes the World

Why June is going to be an exciting month

Another new month dawns upon us and I am looking at it and getting excited as it is going to be another exciting month ahead.


Some of the my personal highlights are as follows:


1. Personal Retreat

I am making my annual retreat to Bali and Lombok from the 4th to 11th of June.

Would be staying again at Imaj Villas ( I was there last in July last year)

We will also be spending another 3 days in a Villa Jayana in Seminyak.

Looking forward to a relaxing time chasing sunsets, rising to sun rises and letting the mind go easy.

I am also hoping to come back with a big idea for Social Media. That is my personal quest.

Something that would give Yolk a Social Media offering like no other agency in Singapore and hopefully the region.

Time to get lost and find myself


2. World Cup Season

Once in 4 years a month of intense passion, sleepless nights and hopefully some such with Singapore Pools is ahead of us.

This year the teams that I would be supporting are Brazil ( since I was a school boy), England and the Asian teams.

My money is however on Argentina to win the World Cup. Something tells me that the would pull a surprise this year.

Another team to watch for would be the European Champions Spain.

On top of watching the game on TV ( Yes, I did not boycott it afterall) I am also looking at how Social Media would come into play in this year’s World Cup. I strongly feel that people would be using Social Media to connect with each other, share betting tips and just use it as a platform to share their thoughts and passion.

Some of the interesting Social Media driven platforms that I have enjoyed in the run up to the World Cup includes:

2.1 Twexican Wave (

The Largest Mexican Wave in the World that runs on Social Media

Highly engaging idea that is easy for users to participate and has huge viral components

2.2 Buddycup2010 (

This is a project that Yolk developed for the Windows Live team here in Singapore.

It has been an immensely popular competition.

We have gotten more than 2 million impressions for the project and more than 10 000 people have signed up and playing for a chance to win a trip to South Africa. We also actively used various Social Media platforms to manage and engage with the community actively

The competition is coming to an end on the 15th of June 2010 and we are excited about the final rounds of the game to see who would emerge as a winner.

2.3 @fifaworldcuptm (

Official Twitter Account of FIFA and they have been sharing lots of interesting trivia and helping to build the buzz towards the World Cup

2.4 Soccer Players on Twitter (

Another practical means of keeping up with your favourite players and going through their experiences on the greatest platform for the sport.

2.5 Visa Application on Facebook ( )

Personally love this application as it allows you to organise with your friends games that you would like to watch together.

Great use of native Facebook utility features and functionality


Overall this would be the first World Cup where Social Media would come out the biggest star and I think Social Media overall would get a great boost from the overall participation of people all around the world.

I would be tracking the progress closely and share relevant case studies and explore how we can apply them to the clients that we are managing.


3. Yolk Welcomes the World 2010

A Young Business Leader’s initiative we would be launching this on the 21st of June 2010.

It is a grassroots initiative to welcome the world when they come to Singapore for the Youth Olympics and the F1 Season.

A chance for Singaporean businesses to join in the festivities that are planned for the year ahead.


Do drop me an email at if you are interested in learning more on how you can be part of the movement.































A personal project to help another business thrive

I know a place along Kampung Bahru Road which serves great Peranakan Food.

Its called Yen’s Peranakan.

Good food, nice people and cool ambience

However there is never anyone there.

I worry if they do not get enough business they would close down.

Thus I am embarking on a personal quest to help them get the word out.

I am going to use the things that I know best:

– Web and Social Media

– Word of Mouth

– Networking

– Prayer

I am determined to help these people do well.

If you guys have a craving for good Peranakan Food please head down to 79 Kampung Bahru Road #01-01

Singapore 169377

They serve from Breakfast to Dinner

They have a S$13.80 weekend Ala Carte buffet too.





Quote of the day

I met with the founder of a Social Dating portal  this morning for a breakfast catch up.

One of the insights that he shared was ” Most people are looking for business partners not Life partners”

Perhaps that is one reason why people are staying single for a longer time




The 15 Revolution

Through the discovery of my new iPhone I have come across a church called Abundant Life Church based in UK.

I was listening to their weekly podcast yesterday and they announced something interesting that I hope to support.

They have started something known as the 15 Revolution.

Where each person sets aside 15 minutes of their time and invite God to be of inconvenience to them.

That is to say that the will allow themselves to do something that they would normally not do and to be a blessing to someone, to touch someone in a special way, to make someone feel appreciated, to let someone know that they are loved.


It is not meant to be an evalengelist movement and if that happens it is purely a bonus.


Why this reaches out to me as that too often we go through life without taking a moment to set aside some time for God to work through us.

I am always waiting for one big opportunity to be blessing to others however I believe even if we set aside 15 minutes a day, God will take it and multiply it many folds.

I will participate in this revolution as I believe that by my presence I can make the life of the people around me just a little better

An inspiring video by the co-founder of Twitter

I like how he shares about following the hunch and putting things out and letting the users decide how the technology should evolve.

It is also amazing to know Twitter was a side project at Odeo and Blogger was also a side project.

How big a side they both have become. The power of community and Social Media